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Now is an exciting time for spatial-omics as many new methods and technologies are emerging. However, the volume and novelty of these technologies raises several challenges concerning choice, implementation, and analysis.

Fortunately, there are many labs in Basel already implementing these technologies, developing methods, and gaining invaluable experience. Therefore the goal of the meeting is to locally share these experiences, developments and methods so that we can connect, learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, and help one another choose, implement, and analyze these exciting new technologies and data sets.


The meeting will be divided into three sections: protein, transcript and analysis. For each section there will be ≅three talks from local scientists. We are also organizing key note external expert to talk and lead round table discussions. Spatial-omic companies are also to attend and be involved in the discussion. A list of potential speakers will be included in the table below.

This is a methods meeting and the talks will focus on the methods as much as or more than the results. We will ask speakers to explain why the method was chosen, how it works, and how it was implemented, in addition to the scientific application.

When and where

7th September 2023 at Pharmazentrum, Hörsaal 1, University of Basel. Klingelbergstrasse 50, 4056 Basel



Any scientists in Basel with experience in or need for spatial technologies. Currently, this includes scientists from


Sheida Hadji Rasouliha - Biozentrum

Ewelina Bartoszek - DBM

Matthieu Bourdon - FMI

& Microscopy Network Basel